Slovak Community Short News

Farewell to Ambassador Andrej Droba

After the Slovak Day, on July 16, 2018 few members of the CSL Branch 7 got together to wish Ambassador Andrej Droba all the best on his new journey.

Pope Francis named Slovak priest as the eparchial bishop to Toronto

The Holy Father Francis had appointed Father Marián Andrej Pacák as the eparchial bishop of the Diocese of Saint Cyril and Method for the Slovaks of the Byzantine Rite in...

Kiersten Atamanyk Wins CSL Scholarship

Receives $1000 scholarship from the Canadian Slovak League.

EU-Canada trade agreement enters into force

  On Thursday, 21 September, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada enters into force provisionally. CETA offers new opportunities for EU businesses of all sizes to...

Ambassadors of Canadian Slovaks

One of the great old tradition of the Slovak Day is the selection of young people who will represent Canadian Slovaks at various multicultural events in Canada. We call them...

More Express Entry points to candidates with siblings in Canada

Improvements to the Express Entry system taking effect tomorrow help support the integration of skilled workers as they build their new life in Canada. This benefits Canada as newcomers are...


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